Integrated IT solution, optimized for office environments

Redefine office IT

Peak 2-socket performance, huge internal storage capacity, and extensive configuration flexibility to drive and adapt to a wide range of demanding workloads.


PowerEdge VRTX

Drive performance

  • Feature-rich, 2-socket, half-height M630, and 4-socket, full-height M830 server nodes combine superb performance with exceptional flexibility
  • M630: Enhanced memory for greater consolidation and virtualization
  • M830: Exceptional performance and memory capacity for business-critical back-end applications

Realize improved efficiency

  • Save time and reduce potential for error with unified and simplified systems management
  • Ensure more uptime with high availability features and Live Migration
  • Reduce CapEx and OpEx with consolidation and virtualization

Discover greater versatility

  • Office power profile and deskside acoustics
  • Extensive scalability within a stable platform
  • Support for PowerEdge servers protects IT investment
Tech Specs
FeaturePowerEdge VRTX technical specification

Chassis enclosure

Form factors: Tower or 5U rack enclosure
Tower configuration:
H: 48.4 cm (19.1 in) with system feet, W: 31.0 cm (12.2 in) with system feet opened, D: 73.0 cm (28.7 in)
Weight (empty) = 31.7 kg (69.7 lb)
Weight (maximum) = 74.8 kg (164.9 lb)
Rack configuration:
H: 21.9 cm (8.6 in), W: 48.2 cm (19.0 in) D: 73.0 cm (28.7 in)
Weight (empty) = 24.7 kg (54.5 lb)
Weight (maximum) = 68.7 kg (151.5 lb)

Server node options

Dell PowerEdge M630 and M830 server nodes

Power supplies

Redundant power supply units:
US/Canada: 110/220V (typical)
EU/China: 220-240V
Japan: 200V
Other: Up to 240V
Redundant power supplies support 2+2 (AC redundancy), and 3+1 and 2+1 (power supply redundancy) modes


PowerEdge VRTX comes standard with 6 hot-pluggable, redundant fan modules and 4 blower modules:
Based on Dell Energy Smart Technologies, VRTX fans and blowers are a breakthrough in power and cooling efficiency
The fans and blowers deliver low-power consumption, but also use next-generation fan technologies to ensure the lowest possible amount of fresh air is consumed to cool the enclosure

Input devices

Front control panel with interactive graphical LCD:
Supports initial configuration wizard
Local server blade, enclosure, and module information and troubleshooting
Two USB keyboard/mouse connections and one video connection for local front “crash cart” console connections
Optional DVD-RW

Raid controller

Single shared PERC8 with optional second redundant shared PERC8 available

Drive bays and hard drives

Up to 12 x 3.5in NLSAS, SAS, or SAS SSD hot-plug drives or, up to 25 x 2.5in NLSAS, SAS, or SAS SSD hot-plug drives. Optional FIPS 140-2 certified self-encrypting drives (SED), up to 25 x 2.5 NLSAS, SAS or SAS SSD.

JBOD expansion options

Chassis storage can be expanded even further by connecting up to four MD1200 (12 x 3.5" drives) or MD1220 (24 x 2.5" drives) disk arrays.

I/O slots

8 PCIe slots:
3 full-height/full-length slots (150W) with double-wide card support (225W); 5 low-profile/half-length slots (25W)

Systems management

Delivers comprehensive functionality yet simple and easy to use. Uses Chassis Management Controller to manage all resources (server nodes, storage, networking and power) with a unified management tool, presented in a single console. Monitors up to 9 PowerEdge VRTX chassis from a single, consolidated CMC console. Offers both local and remote management. Available with either Enterprise or Express CMC licensing. Redundant CMC available. Server nodes each contain proven iDRAC8 with Lifecycle Controller for agent-free systems management, fully supported in the OpenManage product portfolio"

Rack support

ReadyRails II sliding rails for 4-post racks with square, round or threaded holes


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