Highly adaptable 2U 2 socket rack server

Flexible by design

Adapt to a variety of application with the ideal balance of resources and affordability


PowerEdge R540 rack server


  • Highly optimized air flow design enables tremendous configuration flexibility and industry-leading energy efficiency
  • Out of band management architecture facilitates rapid bare metal deployment and remediation regardless of OS state
  • Embedded SupportAssist reduces troubleshooting and downtime with embedded diagnostics and automated case creation

Automate Productivity

  • Get up to 4x performance increase for common management tasks with iDRAC9’s new dual-core ARM processor (compared with iDRAC8)
  • Use the same next-generation of embedded automation to standardize BIOS and secure boot configuration, firmware updates, server asset inventory, health monitoring, and power/reset control across all PowerEdge servers
  • Proactive automated support embedded resolves issues up to 90% faster

Comprehensive Security

  • Fully signed firmware updates; embedded trust only allows authenticated code to run
  • Security lockdown that protects your server configuration and firmware (BIOS, iDRAC, & RAID) from malicious changes
  • Secure instant erase for HDDs, SSDs, NVMs
  • New, more secure unique default password
  • Redfish, new REST-based management API, is more secure and scalable than legacy IPMI.

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